Casio CZ-1 Bank B for Kontakt3 / Wav

The complete second Bank of the Casio CZ-1 Synth, Sampled in 16bit,44.1khz with 6 Velocity Layers and a range of 7 octaves. This Bank is a little noisy,sorry,dont know what the problem was during the very long recording Process. B-1 Acou.Guitar , B-2 Jazz Guitar , B-3 Elec.Guitar , B-4 Slap Bass , B-5 Synth Bass 1 , B-6 Elec.Bass , B-7 Elec.Bass 2 , B-8 Harp Ready to use Native Instruments Kontakt 3 Instruments with "Performance View" for Chorus , Vibrato , Volume and LP Filter. You can use the Wav files with any other Sampler too. The examples are : B-1 Acou.Guitar , B-4 Slap Bass and B-7

Download Casio Bank B Part1 (70Mb)
Download Casio Bank B Part2 (70Mb)
Download Casio Bank B Part3 (32Mb)


Anja Mag said...

Casio is really good brand.

Mickey Mouse said...
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Mickey Mouse said...

Very good Presets and a useful clean GUI. Thanks for making and sharing. :)