Casio CZ-1 Bank A for Kontakt3 / Wav

The complete first Bank of the Casio CZ-1 Synth, Sampled in 16bit,44.1khz with 6 Velocity Layers and a range of 7 octaves. A-1 Brass1, A-2 Brass2, A-3 Brass3, A-4 Strings1, A-5 Strings2, A-6 Strings3, A-7 Strings4, A-8 Orchestra Ready to use Native Instruments Kontakt 3 Instruments with "Performance View" for Chorus , Vibrato , Volume and LP Filter. Yeah,thats new,a LP Filter in a CZ-1 ! You can use the Wav files with any other Sampler too. The examples are : 1. Brass , 2. Strings , 3. Orchestra.

Download Casio Bank A Part1 (160Mb)
Download Casio Bank A Part2 (151Mb)

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