Simple Wav Player , LPF and LM386 : Wavedrone !

The WaveDrone is an autonomous , cableless sound device / instrument for street performance or sound installations.It`s a Combination of ELMs Simple Wav Player (link) , foolish HP and LP Filter and a LM386 Amp.This is the first time I designed a passive filter for a PWM output of the Attiny85.shitty filter i guess,but worked for me with the parts i found.some hints for better Values for Resistor/Cap !? Check ELM for SD Connection and for SD pinout.

This Plays wav files in Mono/441/8bit from SD Card.I uploaded some streched ( paulstrech freeware ) jazz chords and field recordings for sound installation and experimental live sets to it ,the 2 Pots for Volume and Distortion of the LM386 give a nice crunch/distortion effect.In my series of "Sound Drones" this is a great instrument for outdoor performance where no power is available.I tried to implement a pot on the Attiny (pin1 is an ADC and left free) for playback/pitch changes but i failed.Some hints ?

Awfull schematic : be shure to double check the SD card connections !

Download rar : link

UPDATE : How to Burn the Attiny :

1. get an USB ISP ( InSystemProgrammer ) and learn how to write to a ┬Ácontroller
( ladyada is a good plaace to start... )
or search "AVR Tutorial,ISP Tutorial"
2. mount Attiny85 to a breadboard or a dont have to buy a header,you need the parts only.
( example
3. burn the HEX code from elm-chan to your attiny ( Search AVR Dude Tutorial ), i got an error and had to delete the last 3 lines in the HEX file with "programmers notepad" software and failed with WinAVR because im a fool ;-)

4. now you can connect your SD card and parts.....


Charles Martin said...

that is really cool!! I want to make some.

Jonathan said...

Nice job, it sounds loud and clear!

#Pot on pin1: you'll need to disable the !reset! pin and program the attiny with a HVSP to use it as analog in; or are you already doing that?

PS: The symbol for the LM386 in your schematic doesn't look right; what are you using to draw the schematic?

PPS: You're on Hack A Day!

maomakmaa said...

hi,hackaday , yessssssssssssss

i use fritzing but the LM386 looks wrong...
i program the Attiny via USB/ISP and most time with WinAVR,but im not good in coding for AVR.
should be possible with changing the code from elm-chan.
Attiny Pin1(PB5) : (PCINT5/RESET/ADC0/dW) PB5
from Pot to ADC0,write to a register and use this value.cant do it :-( would be soo cool to change the playback speed.

Sqill said...

How to Flash ATtiny25/45/85/13 with your Arduino

waka_x said...

any chance to produce some and sell ? pls. i dont have acces to usb chip burner ...

Anonymous said...

So happy the shop is open!! Got some lovely things that sound great-thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sheri, the Asymmetrical twist out looks great. I would like to try that style!!

Claire Hellar said...

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