Tique Tone Kit and Multisample 24/96

This is a multisample of the "Tique-Tone" a DIY Circuit with 3 Timers and a Korg filter clone whitch sounds like a weird drumcomputer on crack. Its Sampled in 24 Bit, 96Khz and the most samples in the kit are from the Line Output,a few from the Mic recording.127 Samples ready to use in your Sampler and as a ready done Battery 3 Kit. Here is a video link: Youtube

Download Tique Tone : ( 14 Mb )  : upload.to
Download Tique Tone : ( 14 Mb )  : hotlink mirror
Download Tique Tone : ( 14 Mb )  : divshare mirror

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AtomErik said...

This thingy is absolutly beautiful! Do you happen to have the schematics somewhere? All the links appear to be down... I really wanna build something like this for my noise/pecussion-set!