Genius Master Samples and Kontakt Files

Ok,this is weird again.Samples from a "WeeTeck Kiddy PC", a  thing which I would never ever give to children.What a piece of crap! I recorded the samples per line out in 24 Bit, 44.1Khz,Mono.The pack includes : 2 Kontakt Instruments and Multisamples of 2 Instruments from the "Musik" and "Komponieren" Mode, 6 Noise Samples and different files with the computer voice, spoken Numbers 1-9, the alphabet in German and 4 Pics. The example track is only "produced" from this Sounds, the Percussions,Chords and Bass too.Thx to DJ Ohrmann for this!
Download Genius Master (49Mb)
Download from d-share

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